Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table Review

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table Review

Some would regard tabletop games as the predecessors to today’s video games. They both provide a form of diversion that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home. The main difference is that video games are a little more portable than tabletop games, but this doesn’t make them inherently superior.

While many agree that the rise of video games is what led to the decline of tabletop games, there is still an active community behind certain table-based games. Pool, or billiards, is arguably one of the more popular tabletop games, common in bars, pool rooms, cigar lounges and a whole host of other venues.

However, other games are quite popular as well. Some of the most popular table games are based on real sports. While they can't perfectly approximate the sports they are based on, these table games have gained a following of their own, with many of them causing leagues to sprout up.

There is foosball, which is based on soccer and makes use of little men attached to rotating handles to score goals. Ping-pong, also known as table tennis uses little paddles and balls on a table. The tabletop version of ice hockey is air hockey, which will be the primary focus of our review today.

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Transformer Review

The reason we have brought up these other table-based sports is that we will be reviewing a 3-in-1 table today, which is one of the more versatile kinds of game tables you can invest in. These tables combine three games into one table. Any three of the following games are the most common inclusions: foosball, ping-pong, air hockey, and pool.

Before we get to our review, we will be looking at two features which put this 3-in-1 air hockey table a cut above some of the competition.


The size of the air hockey table you intend to purchase is important to consider. It can have a huge effect on your game experience and a host of other factors. A larger table allows for more room to maneuver the puck and make rebound shots, so it makes for a more technique-oriented game.

Smaller tables have the advantage of being easier to place, so they are better suited for smaller homes that may not have a dedicated gaming space. Another pro to small air hockey tables is that they are easier to assemble since they often weigh less and the components are smaller and easier to handle.

Ease of Assembly

This aspect is somewhat related to the size of your table, as we explored in the previous section, but there are other factors which contribute to your air hockey table being easier to assemble. The inclusion of clear and straightforward instructions is one of the more important aspects when it comes to ease of assembly.

The number of components which are included in the box may not make a difference when it comes to how easy your air hockey table is to assemble, but it can certainly influence the time it takes. Keep in mind that there is a difference between an air hockey table which is hard to assemble, and one that only takes longer.

The Product


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    Table may be switched between air hockey, pool or table tennis
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    Tables in all modes are smaller than regulation size
  • check
    Air hockey table comes included with a manual goal counter
  • check
    Uses a high-power blower when in air hockey configuration
  • check
    Table is relatively easy to put together
Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Transforming Review

The air hockey portion of this table offers a high-quality experience, even if the puck doesn't slide around as fast as it would on a professional table. While the inclusion of manual scorers may seem a little outdated, they don't tend to malfunction like digital score trackers.

This 3-in-1 air hockey table is an excellent choice for enthusiasts of all table games. Whether you like to switch it up sometimes, or you play all three of these games competitively, this table makes for a very worthwhile investment. You would be hard pressed to find a table that offers better value for money than this one.


This 3-in-1 table is manufactured by Fat Cats, who specializes in the production of pool tables and other game tables. It can convert between an air hockey table, a pool table and a ping-pong table, which is ideal for those who don't want to invest in three different tables.


Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Ping Pong Review

The conversion process is also surprisingly easy thanks to the mechanical soundness of the hinges. All you have to do is flip the table over to convert it. The resilient latch system also ensures that the table won't flip over of its own accord like you will see on some of the lower quality 3-in-1 tables.

What Others Say

Customers had a good deal to say about this 3-in-1 air hockey table, and most of the reviews were positive, thankfully. Customers praised this model’s ease of assembly. Many customers stated that it took some time to come together, but none of the steps were complex or difficult, though some components are rather cumbersome.

Regarding negatives, there were some complaints related to the sizing of the tables, as none of them is regulation size, but this has a positive side to it as well. It increases the ease of the conversion and assembly processes and also makes this table easier to place.

Buying Advice

This convertible table is a little more pricey than a lot of lower quality models, but it offers excellent value since it is three game tables in one. It is usually priced at about 1200 dollars, but when it is on sale, it drops to around 900, which makes for great savings when compared to buying tables separately.


If you are looking for the best convertible air hockey table around, this is the best choice at your disposal; it combines quality and reliability into one convenient package. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them down below, and we'll try to get right back to you.