Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table Review

Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table Review

While tabletop games like air hockey and pool may seem a little dated to some, especially those who grew up in a generation where video games are readily available, they do have a few advantages. When compared to video games, a match of air hockey will exert more than just your thumbs.

If you have ever been winded after a particularly intense air hockey game, you will understand just how much effort it can take to keep up. While it is by no means a rigorous workout, a game of air hockey will at least get the blood running and can’t be played while sitting on the couch munching on a snack.

Beyond the physical activity involved in a game of air hockey, there are a few other reasons why they are a worthy alternative to video games. Air hockey can be a pretty educational experience thanks to the core knowledge of physics which is needed to understand the game.

Another aspect where air hockey can be educational is in the understanding of angles. A running knowledge of angels and ricochets will help you immensely when it comes to getting bank shots right. Air hockey can be an excellent way to get your young ones acquainted with science and math at a young age.

Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table Top Review

As you can see, air hockey has a few benefits over video games and other forms of electronic entertainment. Sometimes a return to the basics can be a good thing. While some will scoff and call air hockey outdated, there is a reason that there is still a relatively large following for the activity.

Before we move on to our review of this Carmelli air hockey table, we will be taking a look at some of the characteristics which are crucial to a good air hockey table.

Adjustable Legs

Most air hockey tables of a reasonably decent quality level will come included with adjustable legs or feet. Contrary to what you may think, their primary application is not to raise and lower the table for players of different heights. However, certain models feature adjustable legs that can vary quite a bit regarding height.

The primary application for adjustable legs and feet on air hockey tables is to ensure that the table is always level. An uneven table will result in an uneven game, as the floating puck will tend to slide over to one side. While your floor may not be noticeably uneven, there are sometimes minor imperfections which will need to be accommodated.


There is no question that air hockey tables can be rather expensive commodities. When many competitive models cost one thousand dollars and more, it can be a rather steep investment. It is for this reason that it is important to formulate a budget before trying to find the right air hockey table for your needs.

Not all high-quality air hockey tables will cost an enormous sum of money; you can find some reliable models for under 400 dollars with ease. Choosing the right air hockey table is a matter of balancing price and quality in equal measure.


The Product

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    Features laminated MDF legs for superior build quality and resilience
  • check
    Features an automated puck return on both goals
  • check
    Comes included with an automatic score tracker
  • check
    Features legs with levelers to ensure that the playing surface remains even
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    Features a quick and straightforward setup
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    Includes two mallets and pucks
Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table Side Review

Affordability is the primary virtue of this particular air hockey table. Unlike other models in its price range, it includes a decent variety of quality of life features. It also features much better build quality than every other similarly priced air hockey table that we have seen.


If you want a five-foot air hockey table that features reasonable quality at an affordable price, there are few better options than this model from Carmelli. It even includes some features that you will only find on higher-priced models, like an electronic score tracker.


While the automated score tracker is not necessary, it makes it much easier to tally up the number of goals which have been scored. It can be easy to forget to adjust the manual score tracker featured on other models during a particularly intense matchup.

Unlike other budget air hockey tables, this model features a decent sized playing surface at five feet long. The legs are also much more durable than you would expect, as they are reinforced so you can rest assured that this table won't be collapsing on you anytime soon. The inclusion of an automated puck return system is another plus that you won't find on air hockey tables that are this affordable.

What Others Say

Other customers were rather impressed with this air hockey table, but there were also some relatively minor issues that were discussed in consumer reviews. Regarding positives, every buyer has been immensely satisfied with the value for money that you get out of this air hockey table.

Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table Full

That being said, the relatively small size was considered one of the only flaws of this table. While five feet is a good size for a model in this price range, it doesn’t make for a particularly nuanced game. There were also some complaints about the reliability of the automatic score tally system.

Buying Advice

As we have stated numerous times throughout this review, this is one of the highest quality air hockey tables that you will find if you are on a budget. It is usually priced at around 215 dollars, but it can drop to around 180 when it is on sale, providing even more bang for your buck.


If you want an air hockey table which is affordable but won’t break within a few months, there are few better options than the ​ Carmelli NG1009H. While it may not feature the quality or size that you will find in competitive or arcade style air hockey tables, it can still provide you with hours of fun.