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Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table Review

Speaking of competitive tables, they are designed to be used in tournaments or to replicate the competitive air hockey experience as closely as possible. These tables are always eight feet long, as this

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Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table Review

Some would regard tabletop games as the predecessors to today’s video games. They both provide a form of diversion that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home. The main difference is that

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Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table Review

While tabletop games like air hockey and pool may seem a little dated to some, especially those who grew up in a generation where video games are readily available, they do have a few advantages. When

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Brunswick Windchill 7-Foot Air Hockey Table Review

Another reason why air hockey took so long to be developed is that it relies on scientific principles that were not necessarily well-known during the time that other table games were developed. Air hockey

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Finding The Best Air Hockey Table Possible

Air hockey is an activity which is loved by a wide range of people. Whether you are young and looking for something to add a bit of fun to your parties or you have a family and need an enjoyable present

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All About Air Hockey And Air Hockey Tables

There is a certain magic to tabletop games. Even in this day and age, where video games are widespread, and tabletop games are starting to lose some of their luster of yore, they manage to retain that

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